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Contact: Evan James Extine
T - (256) 541-6858

Paralegal: Stasha Scott

T - (256) 541-6858

Bio:  2012 University of Mississippi B.A.

         2016 University of Mississippi School of Law, J.D.

        Authorized to Practice:  Alabama, United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama


Primary Focus & Experience: Labor & Employment Law, Real Estate Law,

Litigation, Trials & Appeals.

Evan James Extine has personally witnessed the devastation that a job loss caused by discrimination can have. Mr. Extine firmly believes that employee rights litigation is more than just being compensated for an injury; it helps restore a person’s dignity.

While in law school, Mr. Extine interned for an attorney who represented teachers that were up for termination. He witnessed first-hand the employees lose their jobs, and he also saw the employees lose their sense of identity in the process. First, they were teachers – then after losing their jobs,  the employees had nothing left. The job loss didn’t just cause the individuals involved to suffer; it had a direct impact on their families as well. Because of this experience, Mr. Extine advocates for employee rights. He protects the livelihoods of the families who were dependent upon those employees. One of the most rewarding parts of his job is helping his clients recover from the devastation caused by these employer-employee disputes.

Mr. Extine is only satisfied when he knows he has done his absolute best and will always pursue your matter until the very end.

Unique Skills:

Speak, Read and Write Fluent Mandarin, Chinese.

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